Live Links

Live Links are a quick way to give direct access to your Local site to anyone on the internet.

Using Live Links is a great way to quickly share progress as well as gather feedback from your teammates or client, all without needing to push the site to a remote server.

The original version of Live Links was built using the free version of Ngrok, which wasn’t optimized for the kinds of traffic that WordPress sites generate.

We’ve re-built Live Links to be able to overcome this sort of limitation as well as include many new features!

Some of the things that this new version of Live Links offers are:

In earlier versions of Live Links, the settings were randomly generated and couldn’t be edited. With the release of version 6.1.5 of Local, you can edit the username and password of a Live Live link, as well as regenerate a new Live Link url!

This allows you to embrace Local’s playfulness in your day-to-day workflow as well as polish your brand when sharing with that, um, refined client.

To control these new settings, disable the Live Link and navigate to the “Live Links” page under the “Tools” tab of a site.