Troubleshoot: Performance Issues

Performance issues can be hard to fix! The best thing to do is zero in on where the slowness is occurring.

Here are some suggestions to help set you up for success and ensure things are running as smoothly as possible when working with Local!

We’re always working on improving Local, so the first thing to double-check is if you have the latest version installed by visiting our releases page.

Is only the Local app slow, or does the entire machine slow down?

  • If you notice that only Local is slow, try quitting and restarting it. 
  • If you notice the entire machine is slow, a full system reboot should help. 
  • Check the currently running applications to see if they are competing with Local for resources.

Are there multiple sites in Local?

Are you using Local on Windows?

Due to differences in the file system and firewalls, some Windows users have reported issues with the Local app as well as slow site performance. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks to get around these pesky Windows-specific issues:

Are there errors in the browser console?

Is the WordPress dashboard slow?

Does adjusting server settings help?

Toggle on or off Xdebug.

If you’re still having performance issues, search the forums for an answer or create a new topic with details of what you are experiencing!